Niko Podimatis, the Director of Operations & Mural Project Manager at ItsFarOut, started his journey with us as an art lover, curating live painters for events. His focus shifted when he recognized the impermanence of event art, steering him towards the enduring canvas of murals. With a knack for speaking both the language of businesses and artists, Niko ensures smooth communication, turning the collaborative process into a true masterpiece. 


Our standout project speaks volumes – literally, on the six stories of Alpha Square. When the legendary artist Kelly Graval, better known as RISK, was given the option to paint the office container or the 15 ft wooden wall, he calmly responded, “I would rather paint that building,” pointing to the 6,400 sq ft building facing Quartyard. This sparked a collaborative journey that took four months of planning, seven days of painting, and a lifetime of impact. It's more than a mural; it's a beacon of artistic empowerment. Check out this full Timelapse of Risk’s work, and come on down to Quartyard in East Village San Diego to see it for yourself!



ItsFarOut is a curator of diverse art experiences. Witness the transformative power of art with Carly Ealey's captivating 7-story mural in East Village San Diego. This awe-inspiring piece features the world’s fastest animal and San Diego local, the Peregrine falcon. Once on the brink of extinction, it now thrives—a testament to the success of conservation efforts. Carly's mural is a visual narrative of resilience and triumph.



Another project was in partnership with the San Diego African American Museum of Fine Art (SDAAMFA). ItsFarOut orchestrated a three-month public museum exhibition at Quartyard, celebrating the 60th Anniversary of the Freedom Riders. The impactful display, titled “The Buses Are Coming," delved into the historical significance of the Freedom Riders, showcasing the power of art to educate, inspire, and commemorate. It was a collaboration that highlighted the profound impact that curated spaces can have on community awareness and appreciation. Read more here. 


Beyond these specific projects, ItsFarOut actively engages in mural festivals, curates live painters, and more. We are dedicated to molding space in the community through the empowerment of independent and local creatives. We champion local artists, strive for creative freedom, and believe that every stroke tells a story. Join us in crafting a more vibrant San Diego, where art becomes an integral part of our evolving narrative. See the images below for just a few more of the projects we have been involved in.