Stories Halloween: People. Place. Party.

Stories Halloween: People. Place. Party.

Step into a world where every corner holds a new adventure and every room tells a different tale – welcome to STORIES, the first of its kind Halloween spectacle that enchanted guests at the New Children's Museum in San Diego.
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Picture this: a sold-out Halloween event with no headliner, attendees left spellbound and mesmerized.

How’d we do it? Let's dive into the magic behind STORIES HALLOWEEN and the secrets to its success.


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At its core, STORIES was about creating immersive experiences that ignited the imagination.

On Oct. 28, 2023, ItsFarOut partnered with In The Bag Productions and The Deep End.

We lit the inner child in all of us with STORIES Halloween, a 21+ Halloween house and techno event at The New Children’s Museum in San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter. In addition to the main stage and a silent disco, all the exhibits within the three-story art museum became interactive experiences, including: a surreal caravan theatre with pop-up entertainment throughout the night, a 40-foot slide between levels, and performances by contortionists, sword swallowers and much more. 

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Pre-event marketing videos teased viewers with glimpses of what awaited them, building anticipation and excitement in the weeks leading up to the event. These videos were crafted as 'chapters' in our story, each introducing and presenting the different rooms and themes of the New Children's Museum. They paid tribute to the talented artists from around the world who brought each masterpiece to life, setting the stage for the night's adventures.



Location played a crucial role in the success of STORIES. Choosing the New Children's Museum as our venue provided a vibrant backdrop for our immersive experience. It was a bold move that paid off, with the museum's spaces transforming into portals everywhere you turned. It marked the first-ever event of its kind at the museum. Of course, navigating uncharted territory came with its own set of challenges. From logistical hurdles to creative roadblocks, we faced obstacles head-on and learned valuable lessons along the way. But through true teamwork and collaboration, identifying strengths and understanding our weaknesses, we overcame every obstacle and emerged stronger than before.

This is just the beginning. As the first event of its kind at the New Children's Museum, it opened doors to endless possibilities. We hope to see you at at the next STORIES event, as we continue to write new chapters and create unforgettable experiences together.